Recent activities

ELF Presidents' Council

June 9 – 11, 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

At this ELF Presidents' Council meeting there were presented 13 countries and Polish Communities in Western Europe.

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The initiative of the ZdK in the election 2017

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President of ZdK visited Slovakia

On February 10, 2017, president of ZdK, Prof. Dr. Thomas Sternberg, visited friends in Bratislava. Thomas Sternberg was the guest at the joint meeting of the Forum of Christian Institutions (Fórum kresťanských inštitúcií) with its Chairman Katarina Hulmanova and the Council of the Bishops' Conference of Slovakia for lay and apostolic movements. Katarina Hulmanova also represents Slovak Lay Catholics at the ELF.

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Reformation 500: Let’s go!

It was no easy way to realize how the Catholic Church would be involved in the great commemoration of the Reformation in in 2017. But now the matter is decided – and the result is very good.

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Eviter la spirale négative et tenter de faire fructifier le bonheur et l’amour autour de nous

Le CIL, réseau d’associations catholiques laïques, condamne l’acte de barbarie qui a eu lieu ce 26 juillet dans le diocèse de Rouen et se sent touché au cœur de sa propre foi. Mais il se refuse à entrer dans la médiatisation excessive de l’événement, pour se concentrer, à l’inverse, sur les suites à donner par tous les hommes et femmes, catholiques ou pas, qui vivent dans notre société multiculturelle.

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Will the boat refugee crisis sink European solidarity?

The Mediterranean has become a mass grave for migrants. Thousands have died in their attempt to reach Europe. ‘Our’ Europe. In a recent visit to the historic sites of Auschwitz and Birkenau, the presidents of the European Forum of National Laity Committees (ELF) were reminded that we cannot stand idly by while this tragedy unfolds. In 2013, Pope Francis, while visiting Lampedusa, asked ‘Who is responsible for these people?’. A clear and resounding answer to this question is long past due.

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Roadmap to a European Christian “Convention”

Working Paper for Consultation
We, members of European Christian movements and churches, met in the Protestant Academy in Bad Boll (Germany) from 1 to 3 June 2015 to start the preparatory process for a European Christian “Convention”.

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Presidents Council - Krakow June 26th-28th 2015

To the National Committees of the European Forum for the Laity

Dear Friends,

Concerns: Presidents Council - Krakow June 26th-28th 2015

In our letter of 3 March 2015, we gave you the PC program, the hotel's address and price of the stay.

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Latest Presidents’ Council

On June 7th, 8th and 9th, 2013, 17 Presidents of National Laity Committees – united in the European Laity Forum (ELF) – met at Marielund, at the outskirts of Stockholm.

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