To the National Committees of the European Forum for the Laity

Dear Friends,

Concerns: Presidents Council - Krakow June 26th-28th 2015

In our letter of 3 March 2015, we gave you the PC program, the hotel's address and price of the stay.

We would like to give more information about the meeting.

  1. Details journey: To allow us to coordinate and to welcome you at Krakow airport, please complete the form attached to this message and return it until 23 May 2015. For those who give us the details of their flight, there will be a shuttle pick-up - cheaper than a taxi - at the airport.
  2. Additional night: please specify the number of additional nights at your expense. We will give all this information to the Hotel LECH/ Siedlec 151, 32-744 Lapczyca / Woj.Malopolskie – Tel +48 14 611 77 84.
  3. We suggest you to arrive in the afternoon to help us to organize a pickup at the airport.
  4. The final program will be announced on Friday 26th June there, but the entry into the hotel is scheduled at 17:00 at the latest.
  5. The total costs for the PC meeting (June 26-28) will be 150 € / person. We would ask you to transfer the sum indicated above to the following account: ING Banque /Rue de la Station 68 /1350 ORP –LE –GRAND / BELGIQUE. IBAN: BE38 3631 0081 5372 / BIC: BBRUBEBB.

Best regards.
Peter Annegarn, president
Melchior Kanyamibwa, Secretary