Study Assemblies

The Study Assembly is the joint meeting of the presidents and delegates from member countries of the Forum. This bi-annual meeting is held in one of the member countries. Every meeting is focused on a current and for the church important topic. It is an important platform for the exchange of experiences between member countries.

1998 Bratislava / Slovakia

Reconciliation: Socio-economic tensions and the response of the Church

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1996 Twickenham / England

Media today: A challenge for Christians

1994 Ljubljana / Slovenia

Christian vision on solidarity – challenge to the social-economical system in East and Western Europe

1992 Antwerp / Belgium

Living in a multicultural society

1990 Vienna / Austria

Towards a more human Europe – a challenge for the Churches

1988 Freising / Germany

After the synod: reflections and perspectives

1986 Paris / France

The Church as a place of dialogue in every significance

1985 Zagreb / former Yugoslavia

Vocation and mission of the laymen in the Church and in the world – 20 years after Vatican II

1984 Dublin / Ireland

The causes of existing conflicts between individuals, society and different ideologies

1982 Vught / The Netherlands

The work of the layman in different local Churches and more especially, their task in a secularised society