Study Assemblies

The Study Assembly is the joint meeting of the presidents and delegates from member countries of the Forum. This bi-annual meeting is held in one of the member countries. Every meeting is focused on a current and for the church important topic. It is an important platform for the exchange of experiences between member countries.

1980 Madrid / Spain

A new lifestyle concerning developing countries, the working environment and the family

1978 Luxembourg / Luxembourg

The responsibility of Christians in economy, culture and marginalization in an European context

1976 Louvain-la-Neuve / Belgium

The responsibility of the Christians in Europe

1972 Luino / Italy

Liberation and evangelisation

1974 London / England

Migration in Europe and the question of the situation of the laity since Vatican II

1970 Innsbruck / Austria

Hope as a force for Christians: invitation to commitment and presence at the construction of the community